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Parrots on the Trail

Being a fan of the Where Was I? column in the Sunday Times Travel section every week, I was pleased when they published a ‘play it for real’ version where you have to get out and about to solve the clues, rather than just relying on my Googling skills.

So it was that me and Master P took ourselves off to the Peak District on 5 September and here is our day. Words in italics are mine, normal type are the clues we were given. The camera icon links to other photos that there wasn’t room for here. Read more ›››


As mentioned yesterday, me and Master P took ourselves off to try out our sleuthing skills in the Sunday Times Treasure Hunt, or at least one of them, the one in the Peak District, and we reckon that underhandedness was afoot. The sort that Dick Dastardly would have been proud of.

We arrived at our first destination about lunchtime after a headlit drive through the misty Derbyshire hills. Ashbourne was below the clouds, so we wandered about in the drizzle instead. Read more ›››

Specialist Subject the Bleedin’ Obvious

Why do they always say that? The police I mean. Report on Five Live: “A man has been found dead in the grounds of Rochdale Infirmary. He had been shot in the head. Police say they are treating the death as suspicious.” No sh*t Sherlock.

But speaking of sleuthing, the obvious thing I missed off my list of things to do while I’m off work was the Sunday Times Treasure Hunt published three weeks ago. I’ve always enjoyed doing the Where Was I? bit every Sunday so playing detective for real sounds like a good day out. Read more ›››

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

One of the joys of my weekend is the Sunday Times. The first I do in the morning is to take a cup of tea into the office and go online to enter the ‘Where Was I’ competition in the travel section. Not that I ever expect to win the holiday prize, it’s more the challenge of solving the puzzle and sharpening up my web searching skills. The answers this week are Lullingstone and Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill. Read more ›››