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Hymn Book Tennis

I’ve been think about yesterday’s post and about how why the average tennis match needs to take three and a half hours to complete and whether there might be a speedier version.

I was thinking in terms of 20 Twenty Cricket which has been incredibly successful and then I realised that I’d discovered the answer over forty years ago — Hymn Book Tennis. Read more ›››

Murray’s Mound of Pain

Andy Murray

Poor Andy Murray. The great white hope wiped out and we have to wait yet another year for the next Fred Perry. But look on the bright side Andy. At least you can go back to being Scottish instead of a Brit. Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy watching tennis on the telly, as long as it’s for no more than two weeks a year, and at least Murray… Read more

How hard can it be?

How hard can it be?

Here’s something a bit different — a review of a book that I haven’t finished reading yet, except that I have. I should probably explain.

How hard can it be? is the fourth collection of musings by Jeremy Clarkson, the bête noir of the ‘eco-mentalists’, ‘vegetablists’, the Guardian, media luvvies and the Morris Marina Owners’ Club. Read more ›››

Psychic Cricket

I new it would happen eventually — I’m beginning to feel stuffed and overfaced by the orgy of sport on the telly this week. Having wall to wall World Cup and Wimbledon is like  a diet of burgers and strawberries and cream. A nice enough idea, but you’ll be craving salad and Ryvita before too long.

And so it is with the footie. I switch on the matches almost by remote control (literally really) but my mind starts wandering and I suddenly remember other things I should be doing. Like worming the dog or reading my horoscope. Read more ›››

No Brainer

What is the worst pain? Childbirth? Gout? Kidney stones? No, it’s the hangover as far as I’m concerned. That moment when you wake in the morning, hazy recollections of the drink from the previous night, and you know, know for certain, that the moment you open your eyes a power drill will enter one temple and exit the other. So it was this morning. Read more ›››

Him Tenth Man

Yet again we thought Timmy could do it. This time the semis of the French Open.

And he had a good go on his least favourite surface. Up one set, and with a break in the second, he was on a roll. And still on clay. Going downhill from there, thirteen games lost on a run; but then he made a fight of the fourth set. Read more ›››