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Superstition Ain’t the Way

Among the upmty-seven hours of continuous radio coverage ahead of England’s match with Slovenia today, there was an interview with Clive Woodward on how he would advise them to prepare. Towards the end he was asked if he had any pre-match superstitions and he said that no, he wasn’t a superstitious person.

Except that he always sat at the front of the coach on the way to the match. On the left. And he was always the last to get off the coach when they arrived because he insisted on shaking the hand of every player as they got off. So not very superstitious at all then. Read more ›››

Vuvu Voluntary

The vuvuzela is now very much a must have instrument among the Yorkshire brass band fraternity, at least if my visit to Sheffield today is anything to go by.

We had been invited to my daughter’s for the day in honour of Father’s Day, that special date in the calendar when the patriarch is indulged. In my case this involved not having a lie-in or breakfast in bed, but an early trip to stock up at the shops followed by a pleasant drive in the sunshine across the Pennines. Read more ›››

Saturday Soundtrack

I would dearly love to find a recording of the verion of the MOTD theme used by Danny Baker to introduce and play out his Saturday and Wednesday World Cup shows from SA on BBC FiveLive. It has a calming jauntiness that the country needs right now after the dismal showing last night, but despite my best Googling I haven’t been able to track it down. Read more ›››

Blow Your Horn

Five Live devoted an entire one hour phone-in about the merits or demerits of the vuvuzela. Okay, so it sounds like a demented bluebottle trapped in a lampshade, but I don’t think anyone in South Africa is going to take much notice. So if you can’t beat ’em… Read more ›››

Say a Little Prayer

Blessed are the keepers who come for crosses and shout a lot.

Blessed are they who tackle back.

Blessed are the makers of runs and chasers of lost causes.

Blessed are the dead-ball specialists. Read more ›››

World in Motion with Vindaloo

World Cup fever the media calls it — how to fill up the footie free days before the big kick-off on Friday. On Sunday it was Soccer Aid and  the surreal sight of Woody from Cheers scoring the winner in a 7-6 penalty shoot-out for the Rest of the World.

Yesterday, the non-event of England versus Platinum Stars and the Mirror’s poll on which is the best World Cup song Anthem. My vote goes for Vindaloo which isn’t twee or sentimental and works on the basic premise that we’re going to score one more than you. I can also remember the words. Read more ›››

Queen Sent Off in Extra Time

Currently reading An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain by John O’Farrell, an entertaining and informative reminder of history that I actually lived through. I’m up to 1966 and the general lack of interest and jingoistic euphoria until the final at Wembley: Read more ›››

Krank als ein Papagei

I’m pleased to see that the British Embassy in Berlin has got its act together before next year’s World Cup by setting up a fans’ website.

And it’s not as stuffy as you might expect and includes some funny football quotes and an extract of typical phrases tanslated into German, although I had to go to this translation site for my ‘sick as a parrot’ heading above. Read more ›››