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Another Hero

Yet another of my occasional Greater Mancunians series, prompted by the MEN tonight reporting that a Blue Plaque is to be placed at the Wilmslow home of Alan Turing.

That he was a genius is not disputed, and probably the creator of modern computer science. Often unregarded for two reasons. First, his work at Bletchley was top secret as so not reported even until long after WWII. Second, he was a homosexual. Read more ›››

Colossal Achievement

As we get nearer to the 60th anniversary of D-day, more and more stuff is appearing on the web and as we sit staring at our screens, it’s worth remembering that that was where computing started. Here in the UK, at Bletchley to be precise, where the Mk2 Colossus was put to work breaking the German’s coded message. Read more ›››