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X is for Xhosa

There was a black stand-up comedian in Cape Town who told a joke that went something like this:

‘A lot of my white friends ask me if I speak Zulu when I’m at home. You know why they ask that?

‘Because they can’t f*****g well say Xhosa!’ Read more ›››

Learning the Lingo

[Ladies in Xhosa Dress] There is a black African comedian who says: “My white friends all ask if I speak Zulu at home. You know why they ask if I speak Zulu? Because they can’t f****** say Xhosa.”

The joke works because the language really is a tongue twister for the non-native speaker.

The word Xhosa itself isn’t pronounced Corsa, as in the car, or Khosa with a hard sounding K. The X represent one of several barely audible, but essential clicking sounds that are part of the spoken language. Read more ›››