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Hunt the Camera

I’m jealous of those who illustrate their blogs with their own photos and I often wish I could do the same, even though it has its dangers and I could end up a Flikr junkie like Son of Groucho. But the things is, I managed to miss two photo opportunities in two days and all for the want of a camera. Yesterday it was at home. It was about 4pm… Read more

A Foray into Foreign Parts

How true is it that we expend lots of our time, energy and money to find secret foreign places, while ignoring gems on our doorstep?

Take York for instance. Okay, so it’s in Yorkshire and being a Lancastrian, I have a blind spot where the White Rose County is concerned. Actually, if you go back far enough, my Rhodes family came from Yorkshire, but then they came to Lancashire to get civilised! Read more ›››